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Wheat Bran

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Wheat Bran

M/s Atam Rice Mill, Roller Flour Mill Unit is recognized amongst leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wheat Bran.

Wheat Bran : When cereal grains are harvested each grain has a hard outer layer. This layer is sometimes removed when the cereal grain is processed and creates bran, which becomes a byproduct of grain processing. The processed grain is not as nutritionally sound as is the grain that still contains bran.

Since, we don�t buy everything in whole grain style, people often add bran to their diets. It is much higher in dietary fiber than is cereal grain with bran removed. It also makes for a good protein source, a source for polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats, and it holds valuable vitamins and minerals.

Bran has been used for several decades as a means to end constipation. Its high dietary fiber content helps stools become softer and more bulky. It may work for people with irritable bowel syndrome, because it helps bulk up stools, which can translate to fewer bouts of diarrhea. Common foods like bran flakes and bran muffins are also widely used.

When using bran to maintain bowel regularity, it�s best to start slow. Don�t eat a bunch of bran muffins in one sitting. Instead try one a day, or better yet use bran cereals that don�t have a lot of sugar. Wheat bran, especially, has a sweet taste that doesn�t require much in the way of additional sugar.


Moisture, percent by weight,Max 12.5% Appendix B
Crude Protein (Nitrogen *6.25, Percent by Weight, Max 13.00% C
Crude Fibre, Percent by Weight, Max 12.00% D
Acid Insoluable Ash, Percent by Weight, Max 0.25% E

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